Encompass Engineering Group’s commercial consulting team is composed of highly skilled technology and management professionals. We design, develop, and build information systems that support business transformation and the most challenging operation and business goals. In today’s environment of the Internet of Things (iOT), Block Chain Technology, Machine Learning, Big Data and Software Development, Encompass Engineering Group offers an innovative and fresh approach to your business’ infrastructure to align with you new business goals.

We are experienced in cloud architecture, system engineering, cyber threat intelligence, threat operations, and incident response. Our team can develop and guide your business and IT operations that will not only be in alignment, but more importantly in convergence, allowing both your business’ function and IT function to work as one seamless unit, proving your organization a competitive advantage.

Encompass Engineering Group supports the classified mission of the United States Department of Defense and the intelligence community. We provide expert integration and solutions in Cyber, Analytics, Big Data, IT Service/ Engineering and Mission Support. We also provide these services to other local, state and federal agencies.

Encompass Engineering has extensive experience supporting health care, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals with operational transparency and keen focus on optimization. The need for acquisition, disposition, and analysis of vast amount of data is critical to the product, market, and corporate business objective success. At Encompass Engineering Group we provide resources for a comprehensive information technology (IT) Infrastructure to support compliant operations with quality and efficacy.

With the ever expanding amount and need for data, moving it from a silo into the other area of research and development, as well as business annytical, sharing data with an organization, led to better patient outcomes. “Platform as a Service,” or PaaS, has tremendous advantages. It is a complete, pre-integrated platform that facilitates the deployment of applications without the cost and complexity of buying and managing underlying hardware, software, or hosting capabilities. With the nation’s increase in security concerns, the Encompass Group is well trained and equipped to elevate and improve clinical and business processes, while also providing and implementing cost saving solutions.

We are on the move, delivering innovative, top quality, and efficient mobile application solutions. We design, develop, and create creative and cool applications for smart devices and phones. Our team of talented application designers, coders, and engineers will develop a rich, efficient experience for your mobile customers with extensive experience in UX and UI to insure a reliable, user-friendly mobile experience to meet your customer and business needs. 

We strongly believe that your mobile strategy is key, so we work closely with your team to understand your individual case and marketing objectives to help you position your product attract customers.

We have a very talented team of coders, designers and engineers, with a market savvy development team that end to end elegant solution for you. We have a keen understanding of big data, data analytics, and extensive marketing and product launch experience.

When linked to our social media contacts, search engine optimization, and forward-thinking product development and marketing team, we are very confident we will exceed your personal and business expectations.

We absolutely love designing, developing, and working with you to create and execute the next big idea. From a small project to large complex problems, our team truly excels in the different, unexpected, and exciting. We are much more a development company. We offer custom software development that is made in America.

Our team of high-end software developers, project management, and engineers take this work seriously. We focus on blockchain technology, artificial intelligence with IOT, pushing both a technological, edge analytics, and cyber security. With our ever expanding world, our team is more than ready to take your idea and develop into the Really Big Thing.

Web development is not just for website sights or just a window to your company, product or service, but also web based application that can be easy managed and maneuvered to solve complex business problems. Our team of high skilled, designer, software developers, production team, and engineering, we research and implement the technology that best solves your business and customer needs.

With programing experience in PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, AJAX, JQuery Silverlight, XHTML, Flex, Adobe Air, SQL Server 2008 and 2012 and MySQL as well as others. WE can develop a customs web application on time and within budget that we have been involved some really innovative projects, and would like to share those experience and our expertise with you.