Provides information technology, engineering, and technological advancements in support of the mission of the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. We guard and advance the mission of our customer, in both public and private sectors, and bring that same level of innovation, forward thinking, and next generation technology to small and large business environments.


Encompass Group: Real Time Innovation. At Encompassing Engineering Group, we believe that true innovation relies on the ability to identify and interpret our customer’s needs. Not only the spoken needs, but also the ones are unspoken. This is the subtle difference where a strategic advantage can be obtained.

We thrive on creating an environment that embraces new ideas. We encourage collaboration, not only within our organization, but also with other partners that can help us accomplish the vision of our customer. The best ideas are those fueled with a passion. Encompass Engineering Group aims to innovate, create new markets, and new value - displacing outdated thinking and processes to create a real competitive advantage.

Our Partners