We provide development and support on a variety of platforms, both specialized and non-specialized. Our team of highly skilled engineers incorporate agile software development methodologies to integrate, deliver, and sustain critical solutions for the intelligence community, for federal, private, and public companies. Whether a turn key services oriented architecture or the modernization of legacy software. The effective development, management and implementation of software and web application projects are what we do and we do it very well in a wide variety of languages including: C, C++ and Java, Extensible Markup Language (XML), Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT), Scripting languages including Visual Basic, Perl, and Python as well as others.


Through efficient system and network architecture is what we do and we love to solve problems - the more complex the better. We are passionate in defending our nation’s critical infrastructure and use that expertise to further the mission of our corporate customers. The development of enterprise level systems and network architecture given our customers access to powerful tools and technology to accomplish their mission, while reducing capital and human expense. At Encompass engineering group, we believe when enterprise architecture is executed in a disciplined manner, it creates a great deal of value by providing greater consistency. With an intense focus in Application Security, Information Security, Network Security, Disaster Recovery and business continuity planning, Operational Security and employee/employee education.


Taking advantage of advanced technologies, process and practices, Encompass Engineering Group designs systems to protect networks, computer programs, and data from foreign and domestic attacks. We focus on both cybersecurity and physical security. We develop both offensive and defensive capabilities with a deep understanding of systems and their vulnerabilities. Researching vulnerabilities, developing and exploration solutions via forensic analysis, and defending against attacks is what we do, and we do it very well.


Utilizing the latest in software and hardware, as well as procedural methods, we focus on protection application for external and internal threats.  By conducting rigorous testing to define the enterprise assessments, to determine the respective threats security profile for each application, identifying and prioritizing potential threats and documenting adverse events to model threats against  any potential or actual adverse event that can compromise the assets of an enterprise, including both malicious events, such as a denial-of-service (DoS) attack, and unplanned events, such as the failure of a storage device’s.


Using a triad of core objectives, Encompass Engineering Group, works diligently to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Information Technology and business data systems. With a focus of ensuring that the sensitive information is only accessible to authorized individuals.


Operational Security strategies to prevent potential adversaries from gaining access to the mission of your critical business operations. At Encompass Engineering Group, we identify critical information, such as your intellectual property, any personal or employee information, or any critical business documents. We determine the threats that may be active and continue attack those targets. With a laser focus, we assess and analyze vulnerabilities in accessing the personal information of your customer’s and employee’s. We review our customer’s security training awareness, which could leave your enterprise open for an attack. Defending our country and our customer’s mission is serious business. OPSEC and risk management views operations from the outside in and from your enemies point of view, in order to identify weakness. If you can get to the data, so can your adversaries. Encompass Engineering Group strongly believes in regular risk assessment and OPSEC is there to identify, assess, manage, and address any vulnerabilities.


The volume, velocity and variety of data that is being create is staggering. More data is generated then there is time to analyze it, and it is estimated that only 0.5% of it is currently analyzed. Therefore, we start with the question and not with the data. Our team of data scientist and engineering focus on making the use of big data more efficient by improve competitiveness and enhance discussion making capabilities to address critical mission needs.